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March 16, 2018

Wilmington, NC St. Patricks Day 2018

It's that time of year again when everything is turning green - and no, I don't mean Spring! I'm talking about everyone's favorite excuse to celebrate with a few good drinks & great friends, St. Patricks Day.

If you're living in Wilmington, NC or the surrounding areas, you're in luck. That's because our city offers a huge variety of events for you & your friends to attend, which will certainly get you in the festive spirit.

* As always, drink responsibly!

Wilmington St. Patricks Day Parade 2018

Date: March 17, 2018 - 11 am to Noon
Location: Starts at Red Cross & N. Front Streets
Cost: FREE

Starting at the corner of Red Cross & N. Front Streets, the parade takes a turn at Princess Street, then goes down to Water Street, where it ends just after passing the Federal Building. (*see map below)

  • The Parade Grandstand will be in Riverfront Park (in front of Federal Building).
  • The Grand Marshall this year is Dr. John Young, the Irish Honorary Consul for North Carolina.

St. Patricks Day Festival

Date: March 17, 2018 - Noon till 6 pm
Location: Riverfront Park between Market & Princess Streets
Cost: FREE Admission

Live Music:

  • Striking Copper: A "Harmony Driven Roots Rock" band based in Wilmington.
  • The Malone Brothers: Irish music band.


Food & Beverages for the whole family

Wilmington St. Patricks Day Crawl

Date: March 17, 2018 - 2 pm
Location: Starts at The Husk
Cost: Tickets: w/ shirts $30 day of, no shirts $15 day of

This is a moderated crawl, so you'll be asked to stay with your group for the entirety of the event. Must be 21+ and have valid ID with you.

As of right now, the participating venues are:

  • Bourbon St.
  • Goodfellas
  • Husk
  • Liquid Room
  • Rooftop Bar
  • Tavern Law

14th Annual Steve Haydu St. Patrick's Day Lo Tide Run

Date: March 17, 2018 - Registration (7 am), 10K/5K (8 am), Awards Ceremony (9:30 am)
Location: Carolina Beach Boardwalk, Carolina Beach, NC
Cost: $40 registration ($5 discount for students/military)

This is a Team Run, with a minimum of 5 runners per team. You'll be scored by the top 5 runners on each team, and a Team Name is required for registration.


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March 13, 2018

Wilmington, NC Named Best American Riverfront by USA Today

There's an undeniable uniqueness and charm to Wilmington, NC that makes it easy to call home. Residents and visitors relish in the downtown’s array of shops, restaurants and festivals and proximity to a special strand of beaches, marveling the sultry summers and mild winters.

Wilmington, North Carolina embraces many personalities, blending its connection to nature with the vibrancy of a metropolis rich with history. Wilmington’s Historic Downtown is one of the most sought-after places to live, eat, shop and explore. There is truly something for everyone.

Which is why it was no surprise that USA Today awarded Wilmington as one of the 10 Best American Riverfronts.

Our lovely city was among 21 other worthy competitors vying for the title. But the month-long online voting ended on Monday, October 20 and Wilmington received 33 percent of the total votes.

Spokane, Washington received 28 percent. In the poll’s final weekend, Wilmington and Spokane received a combined 22,00 votes. The results were fittingly announced on the Wilmington Riverwalk overlooking the majestic Cape Fear River with the Battleship in the distance.

Wilmington is indeed a special place. The relaxed and friendly nature of the community is perfectly balanced with the social offerings and activities downtown. With the gorgeous parks, lively riverfront and downtown shopping area, there really is something for everyone.

Wilmington’s Riverfront was followed by:

  • Spokane
  • Washington
  • Davenport
  • Iowa
  • Dubuque
  • Iowa
  • Pittsburgh
  • Pennsylvania
  • Louisville
  • Kentucky
  • Chattanooga
  • Tennessee
  • Savannah
  • Georgia
  • Detriot
  • Michigan
  • Richmond
  • Virginia

We’re happy to call you home, Wilmington. Cheers to you!

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Feb. 27, 2018

Carolina Beach Parks And Rec

So, you're interested in moving to or visiting Carolina Beach and you'd like to know what kind of things they offer for residents. Well - we wrote this article just for you! We'll explore all the wonderful resources provided by the Carolina Beach Parks & Rec, as well as a few other things in our area your family will love.

There's plenty going on in our area to keep you busy for decades - so we suggest just diving in & having fun with whatever catches your eye first. Without further ado, here we go (*see map below):

The Parks:


1) Mike Chappell Park

501 Dow Rd. S
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

2) Carolina Beach Lake Park

400 S Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

3) Bill McDonald Park

308 Lumberton Ave.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428


The Programs:


1) Basketball Leagues

Youth League Nov-Mar
Adult League Mar-May

2) Summer Day Camp

Ages 6-13

3) Exercise Classes

Dance & Martial Arts


The Amenities:


1) Weight Room

Ages 16 and Up

2) Cardio Room

Ages 16 and Up

3) Racquetball Room

Ages 16 and Up

4) Basketball Courts

All Ages


The Events:


1) Youth Dances

Ages 6-13

2) Easter Egg Hunt

Ages 6-13
Located at Mike Chapell Park

3) Youth Fishing Tournament

Ages 5-15
Located at Kure Beach Pier

4) Fall Festival

5) Cookies With Santa

Located at Carolina Beach Boardwalk

6) Carolina Beach Farmers Market

400 S Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428


As you've seen, Carolina Beach Parks & Rec is overflowing with resources for the whole family. That made it a lot for us to cover, but we think we've done a pretty good job! If you still have any questions though, our friendly Agents are standing by to help you - contact them today!

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Feb. 27, 2018

Famous Movie Houses In Wilmington NC

Ready to feel like a movie trivia expert?

If you're anything like me, you love trivia. But do you know what's even better? Schooling your friends on trivia night! This article will help you do just that.

As I'm sure you know, Wilmington NC (often called "Hollywood East") has been the home (literally) to multiple blockbuster movies & films since 1985, when Screen Gems Studios came to the city.

So, here are all of our favorite famous movie houses in Wilmington (*see map below):

1) A Walk To Remember (Jamie Sullivan's House)

1716 Chestnut St.
Wilmington, NC 28405


2) Blue Velvet (Deep River Apartments)

420 Market St.
Wilmington, NC 28401-4579


3) Dawson's Creek (Joey's Wall)

100 S Front St.
Wilmington, NC 28401


4) Eastbound & Down (Dustin & Cassie's House)

501 Hitch Ct.
Wilmington, NC 28411


5) Empire Records (Corey Mason's House)

207 Forest Hills Dr.
Wilmington, NC 28403


6) One Tree Hill (Karen & Lucas's House)

1829 Wrightsville Ave.
Wilmington, NC 28403


As you've seen, Wilmington is overflowing with interesting pop culture history. That made it a lot for us to cover, but we think we've done a pretty good job! If you still have any questions though, our friendly Agents are standing by to help you - contact them today!


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Jan. 30, 2018

The Top 5 Up And Coming Neighborhoods In Wilmington, NC

If you're currently looking around the Wilmington, NC area for a place to live, you definitely don't want to miss the boat on these up and coming neighborhoods.

Most of these communities aren't entirely new, but they're growing quickly in popularity because they're either adding awesome new amenities or are improving/renovating existing ones.

So check them out below, and don't hesitate to contact one of our friendly agents if any of the neighborhoods spark your interest.


1) Brooklyn Arts District

Brooklyn Arts

If you're an artistic or creative type, The Brooklyn Arts district community is unparalleled. The area is a thriving creative center for local businesses, largely because of Acme Art Studios.

The business was created 27 years ago with the dream of being a central supportive hub for local artists. Based on the current culture of the area - that goal was clearly achieved!


2) Sunset Park

Sunset Park

How would you like to wake up to gorgeous views of The Cape Fear River or Greenfield Lake? Well, when you move to Sunset Park, you can! Not to mention, this incredibly affordable neighborhood has been beautifully renovated over the last 5-10 years.


3) RiverLights


Imagine never having to leave your neighborhood if you didn't want to. Well, if you move to RiverLights - that dream can become your reality!

That's because of Marina Village, which is RiverLights' community square. It offers enough shops, restaurants, & entertainment options to keep you & your family busy for years.


4) Monkey Junction

Monkey Junction

If there's any location around Wilmington that's really "grown up" in the past few years - it's Monkey Junction.

The area, which only used to have a few gas stations & a Piggly Wiggly, now offers tons of entertainment options. Additionally, this suburban hub has extremely affordable housing options.


5) The Cargo District

Cargo District

And finally, we'd be remiss if we didn't mention Wilmington's very own Cargo District. Imagine if you never had to drive to the office again. Well, if you buy in the Cargo District, that's completely possible. But despite what you may be thinking, I'm not talking about simply working from home.

Instead, I'm talking about two completely separate buildings that're stacked on top of (or placed beside) one another. How is this possible? Well, it's because all the spaces in the Cargo District are made from shipping containers. Not only is this a cool trend - it's incredibly good for the environment!

Looking for more information on any of these up and coming neighborhoods? One of our friendly agents would love to help you with that today!

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Jan. 29, 2018

Our Top 5 Favorite Long Term Rentals In Kure Beach, NC

1) Beachside Condo #D1

This charming 2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo is the most budget-friendly choice on our list. If you're looking to get the best bang for your buck, we highly recommend this Beachside Condo. It was created by converting 4 hotel rooms into the spacious condo it is today.

beachside condo

Other Amenities:

  • 2 car parking.
  • The condo is located at the historic Beachside Inn.
  • Walking distance to downtown Carolina Beach and the Boardwalk.
  • Convenient to Public Beach Access which is across the street.


2) Beach Break Upper 1

This delightful 2 Bed, 1 Bath Duplex was fully remodeled in 2013 with modern furnishings. That means you'll have all the conveniences of home - right at the beach!

If you're looking for an up-to-date place to stay that's also stood the test of time (no easy feat at the beach), then this is the location for you.

beach break

Other Amenities:

  • 3 car parking.
  • Spacious porch for sitting, relaxing and taking in the ocean views.
  • 3 blocks from the Carolina Beach Fishing Pier and Freeman Park 4 Wheel Drive Area.


3) Enchanted Cottage

This irresistible 2 Bed, 1 Bath House is located right at the heart of downtown Kure Beach. That means that you'll have convenient access to all the best amenities this quaint beach town has to offer.

enchanted cottage

Other Amenities:

  • Conveniently located and close to the ocean.
  • Near Kure Beach Pier and Oceanfront Park & Pavilion.
  • Walking distance from Big Daddy's Seafood Restaurant & Jack Mackerel's.


4) Gina's Gem

This inviting 2 Bed, 1.5 Bath House is not only Pet-Friendly - it also has a Crow's Nest! This means that not only will you be able to bring your favorite 4-legged friend on vacation with you, you'll also be able to see the Ocean from your rental.

The owners know how much more enjoyable your trip can be when you can take your dog along - which is why this House is the perfect choice for you.

Gina's gem

Other Amenities:

  • Easy walking distance from the beach.
  • 3 Blocks away from Kure Beach Square where local cuisine awaits whether it's Freddie's Famous Porch Chops or Big Daddy's Seafood Platter.
  • Spacious Deck.
  • Fenced-in backyard.


5) Sea-Esta

This lovely 2 Bed, 1 Bath House has a yard that's spacious enough for you to bring your Boat & Trailer along with you. This means you won't have to pay the parking/docking fees like you would otherwise.

We know how annoying it can be to have to worry where to park your boat while on vacation, and this House makes for the perfect solution to that problem.


Other Amenities:

  • Vintage beach cottage completely remodeled in 2016.
  • One block from the ocean, situated between two public beach accesses.
  • Large screened in front porch with two ceiling fans, wicker swing, and 5 piece dining table.

Don't see something that catches your eye? Not to worry, check out the full list of Kure Beach Long Term Rentals, or get in contact with one of our helpful agents today.

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Jan. 8, 2018

Free Things To Do In Wilmington NC

When it comes to planning activities for you and the family, costs can add up quickly. Luckily, our beautiful city is full of fun things to do that won't break the bank. You might as well try a few of them out - you've got nothing to lose but the potential for making new memories with your loved ones!

It's hard to put a price on Nature, and the outside experience more broadly. In this case, that works in your favor. That's because activities located out in Nature are generally free, or extremely inexpensive. That's why I've gathered the following list of highly enjoyable outside activities in Wilmington, NC. All the activities are free unless otherwise noted.

1. Fishing: With water nearly surrounding Wilmington, there's certainly no shortage of great fishing spots. Surf, Pier, and Deep Sea fishing - we've got it all. You'll need a fishing license though, which you can find here.

2. Fort Fisher: If you've never taken a trip to Fort Fisher, you're seriously missing out. Not only is the scenery absolutely stunning, the historical significance of the Fort is nearly unparalleled.

3. Beer & Wine Samples: If you do a Google search for "beer and wine tastings wilmington nc", you'll always find a long list of events to keep you busy for the weekend. As always, drink responsibly.

4. UNCW: Like the public library below, UNCW offers many free art exhibits, concerts & lectures. Here's their activity calendar.

5. Libraries: If you're a local with younger kids, Wilmington's Public Libraries have a lot to offer. You'll find them offering everything from movie nights to Escape Room challenges. Here's their calendar of activities.

6. Poplar Grove Plantation: This is an awesome way to see a slice of Wilmington history. The plantation was a popular peanut farm during Antebellum times and they've worked hard to keep that authentic feel to this day. Tours are 12$, but you can explore the site & have a picnic for free.

7. Oakdale Cemetary: I know, visiting a cemetery probably isn't on your list of things to do for fun. But Oakdale is a charming Victorian-style cemetery with tons of history behind it. Trust us, it's often the off-the-wall activities that lead to memories that last a lifetime.

8. Biking: Did you know that Wilmington has hundreds of miles of bike trails? It's true, and you can check out this page for more information about the routes.

9. Local Parks: You've got a lot to choose from here. From Tennis at Hugh MacRae Park to Kayaking around Greenfield Lake Park ($10 an hour), you really can't go wrong. You'll find these parks' locations on the map below.

10. The Beach: If there's one thing Wilmington is known for, it's our beautiful beaches - and that's for a very good reason. All the beaches offer a distinctly different experience. So, make a quest out of it and visit Wrightsville, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, and Figure 8 Island to see which one suits your lifestyle best.

11. Summer Concert Series: Check out all the best cover Bands from all over the East Coast. Every Friday from 6 - 10 P.M. from May 26th - Sept 1st. Located Downtown on Water Street in front of the Courthouse.

As you've seen, Wilmington offers a plethora of activities that are not only free - they're downright exciting! We're sure you'll want to check them all out ASAP. Don't forget to let them know we sent you!

Don't have a place to stay when you're visiting? That's no problem. Check out our short-term Wilmington rentals here!

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Dec. 11, 2017

Things To Do In Carolina Beach Christmas 2017

Believe it or not, the fun at the beach never stops. This year, Carolina Beach has a ton of fun activities for you and your family to do that are sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

The more-than 6,000 year-round residents of Carolina Beach have really come together this year to create a charming experience you're not soon to forget. That's why your family needs to check out the Island this Christmas season!

Christmas Flotilla

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017
6:00 P.M.
Carolina Beach Boat Basin
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

The yearly Christmas Flotilla offers charming and uniquely lit boats for your family's viewing pleasure. These designs, created by hard working Carolina Beach locals, are truly one of a kind. Check out the Flotilla at the Carolina Beach Boat Basin on December 2nd - you won't regret it!

Christmas Parade

Friday, December 1st, 2017
7:30 P.M.
Lake Park Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

The Carolina Beach Christmas Parade will have a variety of entertainment including festive floats, live bands, & of course - Santa Clause! The parade, a CB yearly tradition, is the unofficial kick-off for the Christmas season. Get your holiday started with a bang this December 1st on Lake Park Blvd!

Christmas By The Sea

December 9, 2017 - December 16, 2017
Carolina Beach Boardwalk
Atlanta Avenue
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

When you visit Christmas By The Sea you & your family will get to visit Santa's Workshop, listen to local storytellers, watch a live Nativity Scene, participate in Christmas Caroling, and many more holiday activities.

This is truly a one-stop-shop for Christmas in Carolina Beach. I mean, where else could you fit in all these Holiday activities in a single day? That's why you need to head on down to the Carolina Beach Boardwalk anytime from December 9th until December 16th.

Santa By The Sea

December 16, 2017 - December 17, 2017
9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
900 Loggerhead Road
Kure Beach, NC 28449

When you visit Santa By The Sea, you and your family can chat with Santa & his favorite helper Penguin. You'll even get to see Santa dive with Sharks, Eels, and Sheldon the Sea Turtle!

At the Aquarium, Humans aren't the only animals who like getting into the Christmas spirit. Really, where else would you see Santa swimming with the Sharks? That's why you need to check out Santa By The Sea at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher anytime from December 16th until December 17th.

Cape Fear Festival Of Trees

November 20, 2017 - December 31, 2017
9 A.M. - 5 P.M.
NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher
900 Loggerhead Road
Kure Beach, NC 28449

When you visit the Cape Fear Festival Of Trees, you and your family will get to walk through a traditionally charming & elegant Winter Wonderland.

The Christmas trees, decorated by local Carolina Beach businesses & residents, offer a perfect way to get everyone in your family in the Christmas spirit. That's why you need to check out the Cape Fear Festival Of Trees at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher anytime from November 20th until December 31st.

Island Of Lights Festival

November 24, 2017 - December 31, 2017
Carolina Beach Blvd.
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

At the Island Of Lights Festival, you'll get to see a large variety of nightly lighted displays around Carolina Beach Lake, as well as local businesses and homes.

This is the number one way that Carolina Beach residents & businesses show their spirit, making it perfect for you and your family to drive around & catch the Christmas bug. That's why you need to check out the Island Of Lights Festival all over Carolina Beach from November 24th until December 31st.

If you need a place for you and your family to stay while you're in the area, check out our Carolina Beach Rentals today!

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Oct. 30, 2017

Things To Do In Carolina Beach NC

Recommendations From A Local

Having lived in the area for over 10 years, there are a few recommendations I didn't find on any lists - which you absolutely must check out while you're in Carolina Beach!

*Scroll to the bottom of this post for a Map of all locations mentioned.

Carolina Beach Farmer's Market

400 S Lake Park Blvd,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428

Pop's Diner

109 N Lake Park Blvd,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-7377

Fort Fisher State Park

1000 Loggerhead Rd,
Kure Beach, NC 28449
(910) 458-5798


Popular Stops

Here are the Top 10 most commonly recommended things to do in Carolina Beach, NC.

Carolina Beach State Park

1010 State Park Road,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-8206

Carolina Beach Boardwalk

Carolina Beach Ave S,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-8434

Stand-Up Paddleboarding

101 G Cape Fear Blvd,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 232-1592

Nature & Wildlife Tours

1010 State Park Road,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-8206

Eco Tours

1010 State Park Road,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 612-3297

Kayaking & Canoeing

220 Annie Drive,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-9171

Room Escape Games

100 N Lake Park Blvd, 2nd Floor,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 707-3948

Freeman Park

1800 Canal Dr,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-4614

Carolina Beach Fishing Pier

1800 Carolina Beach Ave N,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(910) 458-5518

Good Hops Brewing

811 Harper Ave,
Carolina Beach, NC 28428
(706) 713-1594


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Oct. 16, 2017

Downtown Wilmington Restaurants

Downtown Wilmington Restaurants

 *See below for Map of all locations.

The Basics

319 N Front St
(910) 343-1050

It's often the simplest meals that when done right can truly be like food for the soul. That's the promise that The Basics makes with their menu, and boy - do they deliver! This is a must-visit for any lovers of gourmet soul food out there.

Paddy's Hollow Restaurant and Pub

10 Walnut St The Cotton Exchange
(910) 762-4354

Here's a truly unique location for you to try the next time you're downtown. Paddy's Hollow is designed to look like an old-school Victorian Pub, and they really hit their mark. You'll feel like you've been transported to another era as you sip your brew & grub on their delicious Shepard's Pie.

Copper Penny

109 Chestnut St
(910) 762-1373

Known for their relaxed & charming atmosphere, Copper Penny is the perfect place to grab lunch with some good company. They offer a large variety of sandwiches, appetizers, & of course - beers.

The German Cafe

316 Nutt St The Cotton Exchange Building, Lower Level, Facing the Hilton
(910) 763-5523

This Downtown Wilmington gem has been operating out of the same location in The Cotton Exchange for 32 years, and that's no coincidence. They serve authentic Old World German dishes such as Jager Schnitzel, Wiener Schnitzel, & potato pancakes.

Port City Java

300 N Front St Ste E2
(910) 251-8809

If you're a coffee lover like me, you know the difference between Coffee coming from freshly roasted beans vs. the alternative. That's why you need to visit Port City Java. They roast their beans 5 days a week, guaranteeing a fresh cup every time.

Caprice Bistro

10 Market St
(910) 815-0810

This Bistro is a must-visit for any true Foodies out there. Serving everything from Beef Bourguignon (beef braised in red wine sauce, lardon, onions, & mushrooms) to Escargots Petits Gris (tender escargot sautéed w/garlic in Roquefort cream), you won't find this eclectic selection anywhere else.

Kilwin's Ice Cream & Candy

16 Market St between Front and 2nd
(910) 772-1298

If you're in the mood for some of the world's best Mackinac Island Fudge or homemade Ice Cream, then Kilwin's can't be beaten. This is the perfect place to take your kids, as they'll get to see the Fudge & Ice Cream making process play out right before their eyes.

The Scoop Sandwich and Ice Cream Shop

365 N Front St
(910) 399-4818

Bacon-Wrapped Hot Dogs anyone? This local favorite is so much more than your average Ice Cream Shop. Take a break from your shopping at the Cotton Exchange & grab one of their famous milkshakes - your mouth will thank you.

Front Street Brewery

9 N Front St
(910) 251-1935

You won't find a better Whiskey selection than that of Front Street Brewery anywhere in the state of NC. In fact, they have more than 360 bottles to date, with more being added regularly. Not to mention their 25+ gourmet burgers & sandwiches.

Chops Deli

130 N Front St Suite 101
(910) 399-6503

Chops Deli has consistently ranked in Top 10 lists for having the best Sandwiches & Soup in Wilmington. At this Delicatessen, you'll find that they use only the highest quality ingredients - quickly proving why they've earned their great reputation.


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