Wilmington NC Weather Forecast

If there's one thing that can really make or break your day - it's the weather.  From the clothes you wear to the activities that fill your day, the temperature influences all aspects of your life.  Luckily for those that own Wilmington NC Real Estate, the average temperatures in Wilmington are pretty amazing.  

If you're trying to escape from the chilly weather up North though, come on down to our area!  With Wilmington's sunny weather, you can finally break your shorts & short sleeve shirts out of their Winter retirement.  Not to mention, you'll find tons of popular things to do, like surfing or walking along our beautiful beaches.

Without further ado - here's a breakdown of the average temperature in Wilmington NC (Fahrenheit) by month:

  • January: High 56°F - Low 36°F
  • February: High 60°F - Low 38°F
  • March: High 66°F - Low 44°F
  • April: High 74°F - Low 52°F
  • May: High 81°F - Low 60°F
  • June: High 87°F - Low 69°F
  • July: High 90°F - Low 73°F
  • August: High 88°F - Low 71°F
  • September: High 84°F - Low 66°F
  • October: High 76°F - Low 55°F
  • November: High 68°F - Low 45°F
  • December: High 59°F - Low 49°F


But wait, there's more!  I bet you didn't know these interesting facts about the weather in Wilmington North Carolina:

  • The record high temperature for Wilmington NC was 104°F in 1952.
  • July is typically the hottest month of the year in our area.
  • January is normally the chilliest month, which makes it the perfect time to enjoy the ever-charming Historic Downtown Wilmington.
  • We normally get the most rain in Wilmington during the month of September.
  • Amazingly, the coldest temperature Wilmington has on record was a temperature of 0°F in 1989 - brrr!