When the days get longer and the temps begin to rise, the first thing we do is trade in our winter coats and warm sweaters for sundresses and swimsuits. Shedding layers looks and feels wonderful, but it shouldn’t end with your wardrobe! During the summer, your home needs a makeover, too.

To keep your home décor looking seasonal, try these five design trends. Fresh and fun, they’re a great way to beat the heat and celebrate summer!


These container plants come in a wide range of colors and shapes, and many home and garden stores offer grab-and-go arrangements. Succulents are the ideal summer plant because they’re easy to keep up with and don’t require a lot of attention. In other words, if you go on vacation and your house sitter forgets to water them, they’ll still be alive when you get home!

Floral Prints

Floral prints aren’t just for grandma anymore! When it comes to 2016 and florals, more is better. Think in layers, such as floral placemats on top of a floral tablecloth, or floral pillows on a floral bedspread. This trend is happy, colorful, and celebrates the natural beauty of the world—perfect for summer!

Statement Mirrors

A rectangular mirror will offer up your reflection, but not much else. Up your mirror game with a statement mirror in a striking or interesting shape. These mirrors are a great way to give your bathroom or foyer some personality, and replacing your old one is a fairly simple process. (Added bonus: your bathroom selfies will be out of this world!)

Screen-Free Zones

Imagine a room with no screens—that includes TVs, tablets, and smartphones. Do you feel panicky, or peaceful? From the popularity of this recent trend, we’re guessing peaceful! Keeping some rooms tech free is a trend that’s picking up steam, and it’s easy to understand why. Creating these “safe spaces” is a way to truly unplug, encourage conversation, and save your eyeballs. It also looks great, since screens aren’t exactly the most visually pleasing thing to see.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are a great choice for a variety of styles and homes. Thanks to their slim profile, they take up less room and offer a cleaner, simpler look. They’re also a bit more laid back than an ornate chandelier and better suit the laid back vibes of summer.

We hope these trends inspire you to make some updates to your home this summer! If you’d like to make the ultimate update—that is, a brand new home to call your own—contact Network Real Estate. Our agents will help you find the perfect home for every season!