Feb. 28, 2024

The Perks of Investing in Southeast NC Real Estate

Aerial photo of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina


Forget Wall Street – the real gold rush is happening on the shores of Southeast North Carolina. From vibrant historic towns to secluded beachfront havens, coastal NC offers a treasure trove of investment opportunities nestled amidst breathtaking beauty. Intrigued? Dive in and discover why savvy investors are flocking to ...

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Dec. 21, 2023

Leland, NC Real Estate Market Trends: A Year in Review

Real Estate Market Trends


With more than 1,300 homes sold in the last year, the Leland, NC real estate market remained competitive throughout 2023. Now, as we launch into 2024, we’re seeing some significant trends buyers and sellers should pay close attention to. Let’s dive in!

Still a Seller’s Market

The current ...

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Aug. 16, 2023

Why Invest in Brunswick County, NC Real Estate?

Brunswick County beach


Demand for coastal real estate is stronger than ever – and especially so in Brunswick County. Unlike other more established coastal regions, the real estate investment opportunities are growing instead of drying up!


In this article, we list 9 reasons Brunswick County should be your next real estate ...

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March 9, 2022

2022 Travel Trends That May Affect Your Wilmington Area Vacation Rental

Image of a woman relaxed and excited to be working on her laptop on the beach.

As later variants of the coronavirus slowly subside and fall into our rearview mirrors, many experts in the tourism industry expect travel to rise back to pre-pandemic highs. 


And actually, the resurgence of the travel industry is already under way!


If you own a vacation rental in ...

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Aug. 27, 2021

Long-Term VS. Short-Term Rentals During Off-Season

Coastal towns tend to attract a wide variety of renters, from summer vacationers to families looking to move closer to the beach. In peak tourist season, vacation home investors can earn impressive profits in the short-term renting market. But once winter hits and fewer people rent vacation homes, investors may ...

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