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As later variants of the coronavirus slowly subside and fall into our rearview mirrors, many experts in the tourism industry expect travel to rise back to pre-pandemic highs. 


And actually, the resurgence of the travel industry is already under way!


If you own a vacation rental in Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, or anywhere in the Wilmington area, you are probably already seeing an uptick in spring and summer bookings. 


“2021 and 2022 turned out to be most property owners’ best years ever, by nearly 20-40%,” said Kevin McKoy, Carolina Beach Network Real Estate Agent.


But just how much of a revival can you anticipate?


Will people start traveling more in 2022?

Absolutely! Many people are already scheduling luxury trips for spring and summer 2022. 




It’s what many are calling a bucket-list effect. There’s nothing like an anxiety-driving pandemic to push people to finally go visit the places they’ve always wanted to see.  


After being cooped up in their cramped homes for two years, people are eager — maybe even desperate — to get away. 


Nearly everyone — young and old — feels as if they’ve lost two valuable years of their lives and are ready to make up for lost time.


Where are travelers planning to go in 2022?

When we say people are ready to make up for lost time, we’re not just talking about brief lake vacations or weekend trips. 


No…people from all over the U.S. are planning to “go big” this year, scheduling trips to “epic destinations” (perhaps, even, across the globe), according to an Expedia survey of 12,000 travelers. To be precise, 68% of Americans have extravagant travel plans in the works.


Although more people will be looking internationally for their next vacation spot, domestic travel still ranks as the top choice for Americans.


The Expedia study found that 59% of U.S. respondents are already scheduling domestic travel in 2022.

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What are 2022 travelers looking for in a vacation?

2022 travel plans vary as much as there are different responses to the stress of the last couple of years. Many people are feeling the need for thrill and adventure, while others are looking for a sort of mental health retreat


In fact, 36% of U.S. travelers are seeking a sense of contentment and well-being as they’re making vacation plans, and 38% are looking forward most to merely relaxing and doing nothing while on vacation (Expedia). 


And what better place to achieve these personal wellness goals than a sweet Wilmington area beach vacation home? 


Vacationers are looking for spacious vacation rentals that lend themselves easily to relaxation and pampering. So, to get the biggest bang for your buck, think about upgrading your beach rental to maximize its sense of luxury. 


Plus, as many businesses are opting to maintain remote work situations, workers are starting to schedule more “work-cations.” I mean, what’s stopping people from relaxing with their feet in the sand in between work meetings?

How much are 2022 travelers willing to spend?

Approximately 70% of leisure travelers in major countries — like the U.S., the U.K., Canada, Japan, and Spain — are prepared to spend more money on travel in 2022 than they have over the last five years, according to research from the World Travel & Tourism Council and


Gone are the days of compromising due to the looming worldwide pandemic. Many people are more than willing to spend their hard-earned savings to take the dream vacation they deserve. 


After all, it’s been a rough couple of years!


That means, beach vacationers will be happy to pay higher rates for a nice, luxury vacation rental on Carolina, Wrightsville, or Kure Beach. So, as long as your space is up-to-date and attractive, you’ll have no problem securing back-to-back bookings and an impressive return on investment.




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