I think we can all agree that Wilmington summers are hard to beat. Whether it’s digging your toes in the sand of our beautiful beaches, enjoying live music on the streets of our charming downtown, or paddle-boarding through the serene Intracoastal Waterway, there are tons of options to guarantee an epic summer vacation! However, the fun doesn’t have to stop once the leaves start changing colors. There are plenty of perks to vacationing during Wilmington’s off season!

Perfect Temperatures

Sick of those hot temperatures this summer? Are you over the never-ending process of re-applying sunscreen? Not a fan of all the sweat? Have no fear! The future is looking bright… and crisp. Delight in the cooler temperatures of the off season, without worrying about the heat wearing you out. Luckily, we don’t experience super cold winters here on the coast, so you are sure to revel in prime weather throughout the off season.

Smaller Crowds

Traffic haters rejoice! Waving goodbye to summer means saying hello to less crowded streets, beaches, and local shops and restaurants. Truly relax without the hustle and bustle of others surrounding you. Ensure a spacious spot on either Wrightsville, Kure, or Carolina Beach every day with plenty of room to spread out those beach towels and chairs. Drive to the best restaurants without being surrounded by red break lights. With fewer people, you are able to relax more and enjoy all that this beautiful coast has to offer!

Authentic Experience

Smaller crowds also allow you to have a more authentic local experience while on your vacation. Sip coffee at local coffee shops, put on a new blouse at the boutique around the corner, or take a bite of fresh fish on the porch of your favorite family-owned restaurant. Fewer crowds mean you will be able to experience more of these local treasures and have time to get to know their owners and other Wilmingtonians!

Local Seasonal Events

The Wilmington event calendar is packed with fun festivals and off-season events! Stroll down the downtown Riverwalk and enjoy tons of street culture this October at The 2016 Wilmington Riverfest. Marvel at the lights and decorations on the boats during the North Carolina Holiday Flotilla celebration. Kick off the spring season at Wilmington’s annual North Carolina Azalea Festival, complete with live music, fun runs, outdoor events, and local fundraisers galore! Live it up during the off-season with friends and family at these events and so many more.

Amazing Rental Discounts

Take advantage of a variety of discounts and specials that are simply not available during the prime summer months. Those oceanfront rentals are no longer out of reach. Network Real Estate offers many specials during the off-season, making your vacation that much more enjoyable. We are more than happy to help you complete that perfect vacation plan.

Network Real Estate hopes to see you enjoy all that the Wilmington area has to offer this year!