Hat, sunglasses, and suitcase in the bedroom of a modern beach vacation rental.


From the beautiful beach to the delicious restaurants, Carolina Beach has a lot to offer its vacationers. But as people across the U.S. begin to feel comfortable resuming travel once again, it’s time to reevaluate your vacation rental marketing strategies. 


Here are 8 things you can do to set your vacation rental apart from the competition:


  1. Be strategic about your upgrades. First things first – you need to pick a target demographic. Who do you suspect will be most interested in staying in your home? What amenities would that demographic find most alluring? Pick a few of the first things that pop to mind and investigate whether you could reasonably tackle them. Remember, you don’t have to upgrade EVERY part of your vacation rental all at once.
  2. Develop communal AND intimate spaces. Although it’s essential to invest in attractive spaces for the entire group, the social demands of vacations can sometimes be just too much. Nice, secluded spaces can offer your guests a much needed escape. Even if you’re renting out a small beachside condo, you can create intimate spaces with cozy bedroom chairs or comfy outdoor seating.
  3. Use high quality images. Let’s be honest…photos are the most exciting part of planning for a vacation. If your photos don’t look appealing (and professional), potential visitors are going to skim right over your listing. Keep in mind, your photos should always be as up-to-date as possible. If you’ve recently purchased new furniture or upgraded technology, don’t hide it!
  4. Pick your main photo wisely. This first image is the most important part of your listing – it will help the user to decide whether to move on or click to learn more. If you’re on a tight budget, consider spending just a little extra time and money modernizing one room of your vacation home. Then make THAT your main image.
  5. Create powerful, detailed descriptions. The photos are crucial, but the words written on a listing can still make a significant difference. From your headline to the description of your amenities, the language needs to be creative and convey the mood and benefits of your home. The most impactful descriptions do a great job of setting the scene, making it easy for the reader to imagine themselves in the home. 
  6. Take advantage of the location. You and I both know that Carolina Beach comes with a wide range of attractions. However, your average aspiring vacationer may not. That’s why you’ve got to allude to the local attractions in both your photos and descriptions. Include pictures of the stunning views and surrounding scenery. Highlight local activities you think your target audience would enjoy.
  7. Offer your local expertise. When scoping out a vacation rental property, visitors want you to present a “pre-vacation experience.” It’s not enough anymore just to offer a basic list of amenities. You’ll really impress potential guests if you provide a pdf of local recommendations that helps them get started with their vacation plans. And be sure to emphasize your rental’s close proximity to all the fun activities around Carolina Beach.
  8. Use an easy, convenient booking system. That’s us! When you partner with our vacation property management team, we’ll provide all you need to ensure your vacation rental is a success – from onsite management to online listings. 

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