It’s back to school time, and if you’re thinking of purchasing a home in Wilmington, NC, you probably want to learn about the quality of county schools. Parents, non-parents, and of course children all benefit from quality local schools. We at Network Real Estate have put together this report card for New Hanover County schools and why it matters to you as a homeowner.

  • New Hanover schools offer quality education at an affordable price. New Hanover County has 25 public elementary schools, 10 middle schools, and 7 high schools. Wilmington also boasts several private schools, including Cape Fear Academy, Wilmington Academy of Arts and Sciences (middle school), and Wilmington Montessori Elementary.
  • New Hanover schools have good athletics teams and programs. If your child plays football, basketball, baseball, or just about anything else, there will be a place for them to excel in the New Hanover County School district. Hoggard High and New Hanover High are looking particularly good this season!
  • New Hanover schools are known for their good academic performance. New Hanover County Schools are known as some of the best in North Carolina. Local schools boast a high graduation rate, great teachers, and high test scores. In fact, the district has several college preparatory schools, including Isaac Bear Early College and Wilmington Early College, where students earn both high school and college credit; your child could earn a high school diploma and an associate’s degree at the same time. New Hanover County high schools also offer AP classes, in which credits are college transferable.
  • Proximity to local schools is a factor property assessors use when determining the market value of your home. That means that it pays to live near quality local schools! The good news is because of Wilmington’s size and layout, there are quality local schools practically everywhere. Check out our neighborhoods and which local schools are nearby.
  • Good local schools bring the community together. Few things are better than a football game on a fall evening, attending a high school play or art show, and seeing the young community grow into happy, productive young adults.

Network Real Estate has been a part of the Wilmington community for over 30 years, and we look forward to seeing the new class of children succeed in New Hanover County schools this year! Contact one of our friendly Realtors to discuss which neighborhoods would be right for you and your family.