At Network Real Estate, we are proud to employ a group of dedicated agents. Each of the individuals working on our team has a unique personality, niche set of skills and interesting background. We’re honored to share the story of Network Agent Donna Watson this month.

Donna relocated to our area in 1980 for her career in the United States Postal Service. She was employed as the Postmaster for Carolina Beach for 25 years before she retired in 2012. Although she received her broker license in 1986, it was in 2013 when she reactivated her license and began practicing real estate at Network.

When asked what she enjoys most about working for Network Real Estate, she explained that working for a smaller company [than some of the larger real estate corporations] was a good fit for her. “Bigger isn’t always better,” says Donna. Personalized attention from the broker in charge is a very important aspect of the learning process—“it’s extremely valuable to soak up knowledge and expertise from top agents,” she explains. Network’s employees are always willing to lend a helping to hand to fellow agents, a huge perk in working for a locally owned real estate business.

Donna enjoys her role as a buyer’s agent tremendously, explaining that’s been a great opportunity to be involved in the first-time homebuyer’s process. She’s also expanded her services recently as a seller’s agent, where she’s been able to list properties such as this four bedroom, two bathroom home in Leland, NC. It’s her goal to find the perfect buyers for her clients, often going above and beyond to make sure their individual needs are met.

In her spare time, Donna loves traveling and spending time with her first grandchild, Penny, who will be one year old this year. Europe and St. Maarten are among her favorite places traveled, although she is eager to top those. Even when traveling, Donna explains, her clients are a high priority. She always travels with her phone and laptop in order to remain in constant contact with her clients.

Here at Network Real Estate, we know why our business has thrived for over thirty years—it’s our people. Agents like Donna that go the extra mile are the type of individuals we attract and attain. Furthermore, many of Network’s agents voluntarily donate a portion of their closings each month to the Taylor Campbell Pledge Fund, an organization that raises funds and supports care and research of the North Carolina Jaycee Burn Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. We simply couldn’t ask for a more caring, devoted team of agents to work with each day.