We might still be frolicking through colorful leaves, picking out the perfect pumpkin, and throwing on those light cardigans, but get ready because winter is coming! With the crisp air, fall is the ideal time to take care of those little chores that will make a huge difference in preserving your beautiful home when the winter settles in. If you put in the work now, you will be ready for winter’s worst and cut down on unnecessary expenses. So throw on that cardigan, roll up the sleeves, and check these fall home maintenances tasks off your to-do list!

Protect that Patio

As the temperatures begin to drop, it might become a little too chilly to kick back on your patio or porch. Unfortunately, your outdoor furniture might receive the brunt of the colder months if you don’t keep it protected. In order to prevent rust and damage from the outside elements, we recommend finding a place indoors to store your furniture or covering your furniture with adequate protection. Prior to storing your furniture away, it is a good idea to first give them a good scrub down and make sure they are squeaky clean for when you pull them out next spring. And if you decide to bring out that fire pit for some s’mores and hot chocolate during the colder months, pull that patio furniture back out and enjoy s’more patio time!

Dust that Deck

While you’re cleaning and storing away your outdoor furniture, give your deck or porch a good cleaning! Brush off the fallen leaves and various debris. This can trap moisture against your wooden boards and create a slippery surface. Plus, sparkling clean surfaces will increase your curb appeal, which your neighbors will appreciate!

Review that Roof

Take a look up and scan your roof for a quick visual inspection. Ensure that your shingles look securely attached and up-to-par without any missing from the bunch. If you see any warning signs, it is important to call a professional roof inspector to evaluate your roof’s safety. Checking your roof in the fall is crucial before possible ice and winter winds bring along further damage. While you’re at it, give your gutters a close look and remove any leaves, twigs, or various fall debris. Clogged gutters might lead to flaws in the exterior of your home. Get those gutters decluttered and back to flowing freely.

Love that Lawn

One of the staples of autumn is fallen leaves. I guess they call it “Fall” for a reason! After a few weeks of fall, the leaves tend to cover your lawn like a blanket. As beautiful as the added color is, these fallen leaves can accumulate moisture, which can lead to the growth of mold and unwanted pests. So grab that rake and bag up that gorgeous fall foliage before the winter wetness gets to it!

Freshen that Filter

New seasons call for new furnace filters! Fall is prime time for checking your filters and changing out any dirty ones. When your filters are cleaned, your HVAC will run more effortlessly. This will allow for heat to better circulate, cutting down those dreaded energy bills in the winter. Save money and stay cozy!

Your home is valuable and something that should be properly cared for. With frequent check-ups, you will have less headaches in your future and can truly enjoy the upcoming winter season. If you’d like any additional tips for caring your home, do not hesitate to contact us at Network Real Estate.