Are you ready for some football? How about some uninterrupted football? Fall is here, which means all you men out there are calling dibs on the remote and flipping channels to your favorite football games. But what happens when someone else grabs the remote first? We think it’s time you finally built that ideal man-cave, creating an oasis to escape those HGTV marathons and dive deep into those prime-time rivalries instead.

There are a few essentials to crafting the ideal man cave. We are happy to share some insights on how to channel your inner testosterone and find your very own home-away-from-home right in your house!


First thing’s first! The most essential piece in your man cave puzzle is your television (preferably the flat screen of your choice, but beggars can’t be choosers). Have forever remote rights to your personal TV. Program your DVR recordings to your liking, without episodes of Fixer Upper hogging all the space. Delight in the clarity of an HD world as you watch your favorite player tackle the dreaded opponent. Or maybe slip in an episode of The Bachelor. We won’t tell!

Mini Fridge

What’s a man-cave without delicious snacks and beverages? Plug in your own refrigerator and stock up on all the calories that the rest of the house frowns upon. Forget the hummus and carrots. Fill up a pantry cabinet with potato chips and your fridge drawers with non-diet sodas. Go wild without feeling guilty. Your belly should get to enjoy your man cave too.

YOUR Chair

This is very important. You definitely want to be comfortable while you lounge in your own little piece of paradise. Buy that leather recliner that everyone else says doesn’t match the rest of the furniture. And take claim. This is YOUR chair. Any visitors to your man-cave will just have to claim another seat. Pull the lever, sit back, and enjoy that half-time show!

Cozy Furniture

Keep your company comfortable too with some extra chairs, a couch, and a coffee table. Have the guys over for a game night and yell at the television together. Your friends should get to enjoy your cave too.


Keep everyone entertained, and play a game during those dreaded commercials. Perhaps set up a pool or poker table, or just stock up your shelves with your top-choice board games.

Sports Memorabilia

Embrace the super fan that you are! Cover your walls with posters of your favorite players, as you rep their jerseys during the game. Let your guests know who they should be cheering for when they enter the room. Make your wife happy and take that Cam Newton poster off your bedroom wall. Move it to your man cave where it belongs.

Now that you know what goes in it, it’s time to create your very own male haven. Don’t have enough room in your house for a man cave? Contact Network Real Estate. Our team of talented realtors would love to help you find the perfect home!