Now that Southeastern North Carolina has experienced it’s first few days in the 80s, we can finally say it: spring is here! And, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, there’s plenty of time after a long day of work to relax outside as the sun goes down.

If you’re anything like us, however, your outdoor space isn’t quite up to last summer’s standards. After a cold, dark winter, the lawn looks ragged, your outdoor furniture is dingy, and the lack of color is disappointing. (Those buds need time to bloom!) But don’t worry—all is not lost! Below are some quick and easy ways to update your outdoor space and make it spring-ready. Follow our tips, and you’ll be relaxing in your beautiful backyard in no time.

Punch up your potted plants.

If you’ve been using the same old pots for years, give them a new look with a fresh coat of paint. Choose fun, bright colors and patterns, which should hold you over until the flowers in the pots begin to bloom.

Spray paint some folding chairs.

Color, color everywhere! If you have silver folding chairs, spray painting them fun and vibrant hues are another way to invite the rainbow in. If you already have the chairs, it’s a cheap fix, too. Plus, spray paint works well on wicker, so don’t hold back!

Pressure wash your deck.

You might think your deck is clean enough, but once you pressure wash it you’ll see how very wrong you were. You might even feel like you have a brand new outdoor space, which is a pretty nice feeling for an afternoon with a pressure washer.

Create a low-cost book nook.

This can be as easy as hanging a hammock between two trees or placing a small table and comfortable chair in a secluded corner. This helps make your yard feel more livable by establishing different spaces for dining, playing, and spending some alone time with a great book.

Pick up a vibrant tablecloth.

A tablecloth is a great way to add some color and excitement to your outdoor furniture, and it’s much cheaper than buying a new table. A tablecloth will also cover up any unsightly stains, areas of rust or aging materials that come with may have accumulated over the years.

We hope these simple tips have given you some great ideas for updating your outdoor space. If you’re dreaming of a home with a backyard to call your own, contact Network Real Estate. We can help you find the perfect house, inside and out.