The beautiful beaches of southeastern North Carolina are a popular tourist destination for the East Coast and the nation. By extension, it's also a popular place to buy a vacation home as many visitors want to return regularly. If you're considering buying your own coastal North Carolina vacation home, there are a few things to think about.


The first thing to consider is affordability. Determining first whether you can afford to have a second home is important. Mortgage companies tend to want higher rates and/or more of a down payment on a second home. It's also important to consider what becomes of the home when you're not using it. Will you have a rental company manage it and rent it out during the times you're not using it? Renting the house out can be a great way to have it earn its keep. A good way to get on top of costs and future costs is to get in touch with local mortgage companies and real estate agents. Firsthand knowledge of the local market is invaluable for choosing the right house for your needs. They can also refer you to property management companies.

Long-Term Value

Another thing to consider before jumping into purchasing a vacation home is whether you will get long-term value from it. Even if your initial reaction to visiting the North Carolina beaches makes you want to buy a vacation home immediately, remember that it's a place you'll be returning to year after year. If you can imagine yourself doing this, then you're on the right track. The other consideration is how far away this location is from where you normally live. If it's within a reasonable distance and you visit it frequently, then the long-term value is there. However, if it's across the country and you can only see yourself reasonably visiting one a year, then that same value is greatly reduced. On the other hand, some of that lost value can be recovered if you intend to rent the house out the rest of the year. If this is your plan, then it's important to make sure the property is located in a high-demand area so it will be attractive to visitors. You should also realize that if the home is rented out for more than 15 days in a month, then the rent is considered income with regards to your taxes.

The main thing is to address all these considerations and concerns before you go to find a property and take out a mortgage so that they don't come up and surprise you later.