A cool breeze, the sound of ocean waves crashing, & the smell of salty air - it's the beach lifestyle, & it's calling your name loud and clear. Carolina Beach, NC is over one half of the "Pleasure Island" area, which is also made up by the smaller Kure Beach.

If you've never lived at the beach, I can assure you that you're in for some dramatic changes - hopefully for the better. That's why we wrote this article just for you. So you'll have everything you need to know to make an easy, breezy transition to living in Carolina Beach, NC.

Things To Know:


Carolina Beach State Park: If you're a nature lover, you're in for a treat - and no, I'm not just talking about the beach itself. That's because CB State Park offers all sorts of other amenities, including camping, kayaking, and hiking - just to name a few.

The Median Income: $60,057

The Average Home Value: $282,800

Over 50% Of The Properties Are Rentals: For property owners, that means the area will clear out during the winter. The only thing better than living at the beach is having it all to yourself!

Abundance Of Bike Paths: Though you can, of course, drive all over the island, our preferred form of transportation has to be by bicycle. That's because there's nothing like experiencing the ocean breeze directly while also getting anywhere you need to go. Pro tip: It's often faster to get around the island by bike than it is by car, because of the slow-paced traffic.

In The Midst Of A Major Renovation: The area is currently undergoing multiple new growth projects, which will bring even more amenities for your convenience.

25 Minute Drive To The Airport: If you're moving to CB and away from the large part of your family, you'll be thrilled to know you're only a short drive from the airport.

Options For Everyone: Whether you're a single retiree or part of a young family of 5, Carolina Beach has the perfect housing option for you. From the lower-priced but amenity-filled condos to the luxurious oceanfront homes - the island truly has something for every budget.

What You'll Need:


A Healthy Taste For Seafood: With over 50% of the restaurant's in Carolina Beach serving world-class seafood, you could very easily eat it for every meal - and honestly, why wouldn't you?

A Love For Beach Music: With all our frequent local music festivals & events, beach music will quickly become the soundtrack to your life while living in Carolina Beach.

Layered Clothing: Because of the ocean breeze, the beach is often ~10 degrees cooler than surrounding areas, so you'll want to make sure to keep a jacket on hand at all times.

Bikes Or A Golf Cart For Easy Transportation: Like we mentioned previously, it's often faster to get around CB by bike or golf cart. That's because of the extensive bike paths running all over our island.

A Stainless Steel Grill: The salty beach air, while relaxing, can cause real rust damage to anything metal. That's why it really pays to get stainless steel outdoor appliances. If not, you'll have to replace them at least every 5 years.

What You Can Leave Behind:


Your Aversion To Sand: When you live at the beach, sand will quickly become a familiar enemy - so you might as well go ahead & make friends with it.

Your Fast-paced Attitude: Everything moves slower in a beach town, and we mean everything. So, let that relaxation permeate your whole being - it could be just the change you've been needing.

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