As the summer temperatures begin to rise, many of us turn to our trusty grill as a way to beat the heat. Once we move our meals outside, the next natural step is to invite the neighbors over. Before you know it, you’re hosting a barbecue and life couldn’t be better. Or could it?

This summer, take your backyard bash to the next level with these tips. After all, a little planning goes a long way, and these ideas will make your next party truly memorable.

Don’t forget toppings and condiments.

There’s nothing wrong with hamburgers and hot dogs, but there is something disappointing about a lone bottle of ketchup hanging out near the grill. Surprise and delight your guests’ taste buds with an assortment of delicious extras, such as arugula, mixed veggies, fancy mustards, garlic stuffed olives, and fresh avocado. A tray of these offerings will help take those basic burgers to the next level.

Serve a signature drink.

A beautiful pitcher filled with a nice cold punch is the perfect way to keep your guests cool. It also looks and feels fancier than handing out a few cans of La Croix. Even water can be dressed up when infused with fresh cut lemons or cucumbers. Whether you decide to spike the drinks is up to you!

Turn up the music!

People love music, and nothing sets the stage better than the right soundtrack. Drag your radio outside and turn up the volume for a true party atmosphere! A steady rotation of old and new summer hits will keep the party grooving. Just don’t be surprised if you inspire a spontaneous dance party!

Bring out the yard games.

Cornhole is a staple in the south, and having your own set will make you the life of any party. Other fun, low key games include bocce ball and badminton. Anything that gives people something to do while allowing them to still carry a conversation is a winner!

Go for natural beauty.

Simplicity is the key to elegance! Don’t buy a bunch of decorations, balloons, and hanging lanterns to dress up your yard for a one-time party. Instead, work on making your yard beautiful year round, so it will serve as the perfect backdrop to each and every event. Trim your hedges, mow your lawn, and invest in quality patio furniture, and your guests will be impressed.

We hope these tips inspire you to throw an amazing party. May all this summer’s barbeques be the best one ever!