If you're like most, there are a few avenues you go down when trying to plan your next vacation: asking friends for recommendations, hiring a Professional Vacation Planner, reading a vacation guide, or simply making it up as you go along.

All of these options have their benefits and limitations. Specifically:

  • Your friends might not share the same idea of "fun" as you & your loved ones.
  • A Vacation Planner can be expensive.
  • There may not be a good Vacation Guide for the place you're planning to visit.
  • Leaving it to chance runs a high risk of disappointment.

So, I've written this article to address those issues - and to put you on the pathway to the most perfect vacation you've ever had in Carolina Beach, NC. Scroll to the bottom for a Map to all the locations mentioned.

First thing's first - what are you looking to get out of your vacation?

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1) Lounge on the beach.

You didn't expect to see a Carolina Beach Vacation Guide that didn't mention the beach, did you? Get there early, or come later in the afternoon to avoid the major crowds while you relax and soak up some rays.



2) Stroll down the Boardwalk.

The next thing you'll want to do for a relaxing trip is to walk along the Carolina Beach Boardwalk, as it was ranked among the top 10 in the country by Food & Wine Magazine. There you'll find plenty of things to keep you full & busy, including fresh fudge, homemade donuts, and a Ferris Wheel.



3) Visit the NC Carolina Aquarium at Fort Fisher

If experiencing the wonders of the underwater world (without even getting wet) sounds more like your cup of tea, then the Aquarium is the perfect choice for you. You'll see everything from sea turtles to sharks, rays, and eels.



4) Read on your porch.

At the end of the day, you're here to relax. And if you're the kind of person who enjoys winding down with a good book, there's nothing better than sitting on the porch of your vacation rental with a cup of coffee and your favorite read. Check out some of our options below:


  • Cabana De Mar # 128

  • Buddy's Bungalow

  • Beach Break Lower 2



1) Take a Fishing Charter.

If you're in for a real adventure on your next vacation, there's nothing like taking a Fishing Charter. Plus, if you catch something, you'll be able to bring it home to cook for your family. Either way, you're sure to come home with a memorable "Fish Tale".



2) Hike through the Carolina Beach State Park.

If you're more of the woodsy type, a beautiful hike through the Carolina Beach State Park is certain to delight. You can go it alone, or schedule a tour guide to take you through.



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