As the 2017 Wells Fargo Championship PGA Tour event comes to Wilmington on May 1st through the 7th, the city and surrounding areas are set to benefit in many positive ways. The area will be home to countless activities throughout the week of the event starting April 30. Thousands of people from all across the country and globe will descend on the area and be a great boon for the city and area. 

Outside of the obvious economic impact, a 4-day major event like the Wells Fargo Championship can bring strong, positive effects in housing and real estate markets as well. Below are three ways the Wells Fargo Championship will positive impact the real estate market in Wilmington. 

Public Awareness

Many people across the country have never heard of Wilmington. The Wells Fargo Championship will bring the city to millions of people, either the thousands in attendance or the millions watching from their homes. 

These increased eyeballs will see the absolute best of the city and area. You never know who might be watching that thinks the area will be perfect for them and move themselves or their business here.

Enthusiastic Residents

PGA Tour events are big deals. They help bring in attention, tourists, and extra revenue for the city. While they are big events, they do not bring nearly as many negative aspects like Olympic or World Cup games do. 

Instead, the city rallies around events like this and it brings people together. Events like these cause home and business owners to take pride in their city and residence. That will boost property values for most people living in the Wilmington area.

Hardcore Golf Fans

The absolute die-hard golfer is always looking to golf the next, great course. A great way to show off the best golfing your city has to offer is by hosting a PGA Tour event or major championship. Wilmington has the chance with the Wells Fargo Championship to display the Eagle Point Golf Club for all golf fans to see. Areas with great golf courses often start to see more and more courses open as golf fans move to the area looking for new golf haven.

There is no doubt the event is going to be a major success and will show off to the world the best Wilmington has to offer. All the increased attention, enthusiasm, and golf fans from the Wells Fargo Championship will give the area a great boost, both in the economy and real estate market of southeastern North Carolina.