Network Real Estate is home to some of the hardest working real estate agents in Southeastern North Carolina. Each month, we highlight and honor one of our agents, and today we’d like to introduce you to the talented and dedicated Juanita Greene.

Juanita was born in Western North Carolina and grew up on a gravel road in Nebo, a small, quiet town near the mountains. “If you came down our street,” she says, laughing, “it meant you were lost!” These days, Juanita has traded in the mountains for the ocean. Her own home and office are in Carolina Beach, so when she tells her clients that coastal North Carolina is the best place to live and work, you know she means it!

Juanita specializes in Pender, Brunswick and New Hanover counties, and has helped individuals and families all along the coast. When it comes to working with buyers or sellers, Juanita doesn’t have a preference—she regularly works with both groups and likes the variety they each offer. “It’s pretty much 50-50,” she says. “No matter what side you’re on, it’s an exciting process!” While the homes and neighborhoods across Southeastern North Carolina are certainly fun to see, buy, and sell, her favorite part of the job is meeting the people behind the homes, and helping to make their dreams come true.

When she’s not working hard for her clients, Juanita likes to kick back and relax by going to the beach and taking advantage of the coastal lifestyle. “I love to sit on the deck with my granddaughter Abigail and watch the boats go by,” she says. “There’s really nothing better.” She also loves coming to Wilmington on the weekends. “There’s so much to do, I never get tired of it,” she says. “And I’ve lived all over the world, so that’s saying a lot!”

When Juanita says she’s lived all over the world, she’s not kidding! Before she moved to Wilmington, she spent ten years in Germany, where she owned a bookstore and raised her son. It wasn’t until her family decided to move back to the states that she sold the store and decided to become a real estate agent. After twenty-five years in the business, and eighteen years with Network Real Estate, we think it’s safe to say she made the right choice!

If you’re dreaming of buying or selling a home in coastal North Carolina, Juanita Greene can help. Contact Network Real Estate today and turn your dream into a reality!