Wilmington, NC is a city full of stories—and plenty of people who want to tell you all about them. To help you make the best use of your time in the Port City, Network Real Estate has rounded up some of our favorite Wilmington Tours. Whether you want to walk, ride, sip, or scare, Wilmington’s got something for everyone!

Ghost Walk of Old Wilmington

Better known to locals as the Wilmington Ghost Walk, this is a 90-minute walking tour you just can’t miss. As you follow a talented storyteller through dark alleyways and along cobblestone streets, you’ll hear all about the darker side of Wilmington’s history. Including pirates, thieves, murderers, and vengeful spirits, it’s a great way to chase a chill on a hot summer nights. And, since there are over 30 haunted sites in downtown Wilmington, so you’ll never get the same tour twice.

Cape Fear Riverboats

Wilmington was recently named Best American Riverfront by USA Today, thanks to the beautiful Cape Fear River that runs along the city. Get a closer look at this river by boarding the Henrietta III and taking a sightseeing cruise with Cape Fear Riverboats. Captain Carl Marshburn will share points of interest, historical sites, and amusing anecdotes, and the ship includes light snacks and a full bar to help you avoid scurvy.

Hollywood Location Walk

One of Wilmington’s many nicknames is “Wilmywood,” due to its active film and television scene. The city’s credits include titles such as One Tree Hill, Ironman 3, Revolution, and (our personal favorite) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On the Hollywood Location Walk tour, you’ll join one of Wilmywood’s most entertaining (and self-important) directors on a fun and informative name-dropping extravaganza through famous locations and sets. Give yourself the star treatment and sign up today.

Cape Fear Segway Tours

Voted by TripAdvisor as the #1 Land Based Activity in Wilmington, a Cape Fear Segway Tour is a unique way to experience the Port City. On this tour, you’ll glide through the streets of Historic Downtown and along the Waterfront while a tour guide shares fun facts, historical anecdotes, and a few bits of random trivia. The tour includes Graystone Inn, Bergwin Wright Home, Latimer House, Cotton Exchange, a few haunted homes, and a scenic cruise along the Cape Fear River. You can sign up for a basic tour or an advanced course, depending on your level of Segway experience.

Front Street Brewery Tour

In recent years Wilmington has seen a craft beer boom, with a new local brewery appearing every few months. Front Street Brewery started the trend 20 years ago, and they continue to lead the charge to this day. Their free brewery tour takes place every day between 3 and 5PM and offers guests an opportunity to learn about the common ingredients used in brewing local, handcrafted beer, see each phase of the brewing process, and sample the final product.

Whether you’re planning a trip to Wilmington or hoping to set down permanent roots on the coast, Network Real Estate can help you create your own happy ending. Contact one of our realtors and start your story today.