There's no question that sellers benefit from the planning and preparation that goes into putting a home on the market, and the finding the right Realtor that offers guidance each step of the way and respects your decisions is crucial. Realtors have the education and experience to position each home in the best light, identify serious buyers, price homes appropriately and facilitate all paperwork relating to inspections, costs, insurance and other fees that come up throughout the selling process.

Beyond finding the right Realtor, there are a number of things to keep in mind once you make the decision to out your home on the market. Today’s buyers are educated and doing their homework. And now that you're on the selling side, trust that your local Realtor is in the know when it comes to your market conditions. 

As a seller, your goal is to maximize the chance that the perfect buyer will see it. And in addition to connections, your Realtor has with other Realtors, it’s imperative that your home has a strong digital presence. Buyers are looking for homes year-round; ensure your MLS listing is complete with a descriptive listing and professional photos. Ensure that your real estate agency is doing everything they can to get potential homebuyers to view listings that are most applicable to them. Creating hype and buzz about your property on social channels drives traffic to your listings. At Network Real Estate, we make it incredibly easy for people to get in touch with us through strategic and comprehensive campaigns on multiple social platforms.

One of the greatest things a Realtor can offer is an objective look at your home to suggest ways to improve its appeal to potential buyers. You may find a few things that need to be repaired, and a Realtor can guide you to making the most strategic decision about which resale repairs will pay off. Similarly, a Realtor can assist with home staging for sellers—the process of preparing your home for showings and tours. Among other things, this means decluttering, depersonalizing and deep cleaning. Plan to set aside funding for painting, window washing fix ups, landscaping and other staging efforts. Also, keep in mind that your home must be show-ready at all times. This means keeping your dishes out of the sink and leaves off of your lawn all of the way to ensuring that your bathrooms are sparkling. Selling your home is a big commitment, and Making the commitment to sell your home is huge, but staying focused and determined will keep the sales process as smooth and quick as possible.

A home sale requires a large amount of documentation. To just get started, you’ll need the original sales contract with purchase price; property disclosures; all documents related to the title and ownership of your home; mortgage and financing documents; tax records; professional appraisal; inspections; and repair and maintenance records. Your Realtor will help you determine other paperwork and documentation you’ll need after you’ve signed a listing agreement. They may even suggest a pre-listing inspection. A pre-listing inspection, which is paid for by the seller or listing agent, provides a written report regarding the pre-sale condition of the property and could uncover any concerns that might negatively affect a sale. While some real estate agents advise against spending the money for this inspection, Network Realtors typically recommend it because it is the proactive approach. Any and all major repairs can be addressed beforehand to keep the sale on track, and it offers potential buyers reassurance about the condition of the home.

When it comes to selling your home, Network Real Estate agents become your trusted advisor. They'll walk you through each step of the sales process and inform you of the big milestones. We'll steer you clear of obstacles and get you through the unexpected. Connect with Network today.